Frontier Technology introduces the flow from inquiry to installation.

Flow from inquiry to installation

Introduction of flow to installation

The following shows the flow from an inquiry made to Frontier Technology to an actual installation of the ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC” and/or electrolytic scale removing device “WET.”
If you have any questions, contact us directly.

Please feel free to make an inquiry using our e-mail form or by telephone (0949-26-4411).

STEP.02On-site survey and arrangement
In the case of a request for an estimate, our personnel in charge will visit the site at a predetermined date and time.
All of our products can be customized according to your factory or facility requirements.
Since our price will reflect the equipment targeted, we will carefully check the facilities before providing an estimate.
We offer an on-site survey as well as installation both in Japan and overseas.
We also offer verification to confirm that your desired site is optimum for installation and if it is advantageous in terms of cost.
To further determine layout, number of units installed, specification, and so on, we will ask you about requests, restrictions, etc.

When we deliver our estimate, we also explain our proposal.
We will make a plan best suited to your facilities based on the survey results and arrangements.

Upon agreement through explanation and proposal, we will exchange contracts.

We will perform careful installation based on accurate design according to your system.

Upon completion of installation, we will request final confirmation from you, and if there is no problem, the installation is handed over to you.
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