Frontier Technology introduces questions frequently asked by our customers about our automatic cleaning system and answers to these questions.


Q&A - Questions frequently asked by our customers and answers to them -

Here are questions we receive frequently and answers to them.
Please feel free to ask other questions. We will do our best to provide you with the most appropriate answer.

Our company is located outside Fukuoka. Do you cover areas outside of Fukuoka?
Yes, of course.
We offer an on-site survey, arrangement, submission of an estimate, through to installation both in Japan and overseas. We also offer consultations about maintenance of heat exchangers, refrigerators, and water coolers/heaters. Please feel free to make an inquiry.
What is the difference between “XAC” and brush or chemical cleaning?
Brush or chemical cleaning is performed periodically at certain levels of adhesion of contaminants. In contrast to this, “XAC” automatically cleans the inside of thin tubes over and over again each time the machine is brought into operation; therefore, contaminants will not adhere.
This can prevent a lowering in machine efficiency and corrosion of thin tubes caused by contaminants having accumulated before the next cleaning.
Since periodic brush cleaning and chemical cleaning become unnecessary after installation of “XAC,” cost and labor for them can be saved. Although initial costs are involved, significant effects from lowering running costs (fuel and maintenance expenses) and extending machine life can be expected.
What facilities are suitable for installation of the ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system?
“XAC” can be installed in many facilities, such as large-scale manufacturing and processing factories, commercial facilities, cold storage warehouses, and chemical plants.
The larger the scale of facilities, the higher the fuel consumption and the heavier the burden on periodic cleaning costs as a result of adhesion of contaminants in heat exchangers, while the more advantageous the installation of “XAC” becomes in terms of cost accordingly.
What are the running costs of “XAC”?
Running costs are only minimal power costs and the cost for replacement of the special-purpose sponge balls only.
Considerable expenses for cleaning, etc., are not required.
How much does it cost to install?
The price of “XAC” changes depending on the scale of the target heat exchanger, condenser, or cooler, optional specifications, and other requests. First, consult us because we can design and manufacture according to the installation location, and specifically meet your requests for material, color, etc.
Is the tube cleaning procedure simple?
Yes. Tube cleaning is performed fully automatically.
“XAC” is actuated to throwing in, for collecting, and stacking the balls by automatic control in synchronization with the target heat exchanger. Normally, there is no need for operation.
Is maintenance necessary?
There is no need for time-consuming maintenance.
Basically, what is required for “XAC” is replacement of special-purpose sponge balls only.
In the case of a failure of “XAC,” what influence is exerted on the heat exchanger?
Since “XAC” is a fully-closed system, the heat exchanger itself will not be affected even in the event of a failure. You can be rest assured.
Ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC” has significant advantages!
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