Frontier Technology introduces electrolytic scale removing device “WET” that precipitates and removes scale.

Introduction of electrolytic scale removing device “WET”

Reduction of scale troubles by forcibly removing components in water

In particular, the scale comprised of calcium, magnesium, silica, etc., in cooling water is a major issue among contaminants accumulated inside heat exchangers.
These components not only are hard to remove once stuck inside piping, but also lower the operating efficiency of facilities together with mounting costs caused by increasing amounts of water treatment chemicals and makeup water used.

Electrolytic scale removing device “WET” developed by us is a maintenance tool that reduces scale troubles in cooling water circulation systems by forcibly removing scale components to keep and improve the quality of water.
Installation of “WET” can be expected to offer a wide range of efforts.

What is the electrolytic scale removing device “WET”?

Outline of “WET”

“WET” is a device to lower the scale component concentration in cooling water by forced precipitation in the tank through electrolysis of cooling water/makeup water in cooling water circulation system(s) (separating and taking out solid components in liquid).
Since the scale components contained in cooling water/makeup water can be removed by this, the amounts of water treatment chemicals and makeup water used can be reduced.
Water can be kept clean without environmental load as it is nonchemical.

Mechanism of “WET”
Mechanism of “WET”

A part of flowing cooling water is taken in the tank of “WET” and scale components contained in cooling water, such as calcium, magnesium, and silica, are forcibly separated, solidified, and removed through electrolysis.
Solidified scale is to be periodically removed from the tank every three months to one year as a guide.
In some locations, scale as much as 15kg develops in two months.

Product specifications of “WET”
  Standard spec Option
Power supply voltage 3-phase, 200V, 50/60Hz Manufacturable according to the conditions of use
Main body tank For both indoor and outdoor use -
Intake pump In-line pump (0.25kW) Supported according to the conditions of use
Power supply Maximum output 336W (DC power supply) -
Control panel (usage environment) For both indoor and outdoor use Manufacturable according to the conditions of use
Control panel (spec) Single Multiple

We offer rental free electrolytic scale removing device “WET” on a trial basis.

We offer rental free electrolytic scale removing device “WET” on a trial basis to customers that make a request.
* Only new WET can be rented out for free for one month.

Advantages of use of trial “WET”

● Feeling the effects
Through actual use, you can feel the effects of removing scale from cooling towers and piping. You can see the scale with your own eyes because scale components in water are precipitated in the tank.

● Lightweight and easy to carry around
The main body, for which vinyl chloride resin is adopted, is lighter in weight and easier to carry out than the conventional series. Therefore, a trial can be carried out with little efforts or installation burden.

● Immediately testable
You can make a trial immediately because the structure is simple compared with conventional water circulation systems. Since the pump is simply submerged in the water tank or pit under the cooling tower, new water piping work is not needed. Since the power required for trial “WET” is 100V AC, a general outlet can be used.

Outline of trial “WET”

Outline of trial “WET”

About rental “WET”

We offer rental free electrolytic scale removing device “WET” for up to one month of trial use. However, transportation of the trial device and its extended rental, if requested, will be charged to you as follows:

Example of trial use

An example of customers’ trial use is given below.

User Factory so-and-so in Mie
Purpose It is desired to prevent troubles by scale in cooling towers and piping by removing scale components from cooling water supplied to respective cooling facilities in the factory building.
Target cooling tower spec Open type cooling tower, 100 tons of cooling x 2 (standard quantity of circulating water: 1300L/min. x 2)
Outline of installation flow Outline of installation flow
Customer evaluation By about one month of use, a large amount of scale was precipitated in the tank of “WET” and the water quality was improved.
Customer evaluation
Results and advantages
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