Frontier Technology introduces the effects and advantages of installation of ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC.”

ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC” results and advantages

Advantages of daily cleaning

Ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC” is a maintenance tool that can automatically clean the tubes of shell & tube type heat exchangers on a day-to-day basis.
This system preventing adhesion of contaminants has significant advantages, which are not offered by conventional cleaning methods.

What is the ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC”?

Expected effects with installation of “XAC”

Installation of “XAC” has three expected effects: energy-saving, equipment-life-extending, and maintenance-saving.
Due to these three advantages, the life-cycle costs for refrigerators, compressors, and private power generators can be significantly reduced over the long run.

Energy-saving effect

As many people know, the adhesion of contaminants to the inside of heat exchanger tubes will lower operating efficiency and increase fuel consumption. However, by how much the operating efficiency lowers is little known.
From the graph on the right, it is clear that energy consumption increases 20% or more with contaminants adhering only 0.6mm.

Conventional maintenance methods, allowing contaminants to accumulate before the next cleaning, would have such a problem that the operating efficiency of machinery lowers dramatically.
However, contaminants do not adhere through “XAC,” by which tube cleaning is automatically performed in synchronization with the operation of the target heat exchanger.
This prevents the fuel consumption from rising, and therefore, a significant energy-saving effect can be expected.

Equipment-life-extending effect

If contaminants adhere to a thin heat exchanger tube, corrosion will occur from that part.
This is because the components of contaminants react with the components of the thin tube to generate ions and form an oxygen concentration cell.
If this condition continues, the thin tube will be pitted before long, which will lead to breakage of the equipment.

“XAC” prevents adhesion and accumulation of contaminants because cleaning is automatically performed over and over again each time the target heat exchanger is brought into operation.
The effect of extending the equipment life can be achieved by preventing the pitting corrosion of thin tubes.

Maintenance-saving effect

In conventional tube cleaning, heat exchanger piping would be brush-cleaned every year, and chemical-cleaned every 5 to 10 years to remove stay-put contaminants, such as scale components in general.
Maintenance costs would be as high as about 300,000 yen in brush cleaning and 2,000,000 yen in chemical cleaning at a time. (Maintenance costs also change depending on the scale of facilities.)

However, if “XAC” is once installed, subsequent brush and chemical cleaning becomes unnecessary. In addition to a reduction in these maintenance costs, there is no interference with work because there is no need to stop machinery at each cleaning time.
The maintenance of “XAC” is to simply replace the sponge balls.
Also, since it is a fully-closed system, you can be rest assured that the heat exchanger will not be affected even in the event of a failure.

“Ease in installation” is also an appeal.

You may have given up saying, “I understand the many advantages, but I wonder if it is installable at our company.” or “I am interested, but it might be impossible because there is not enough space in our factory.”
We manufacture ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC,” promoting ease in installation.

It can be installed even in a little space because the layout of the main body unit can be selected freely according to each customer’s request based on the standard specifications.
Multiple control by which up to 6 units can be cleaned continuously with a single control panel is also possible, so that control-effectiveness can be further enhanced.
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