Frontier Technology introduces roles and an example of installation of the ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC.”

Solutions for semiconductor and other manufacturers

Realization of an eco-friendly and low-cost manufacturing environment

Semiconductor and other manufacturers use many heat exchanges in production facilities.
Their fuel consumption and maintenance costs may be a burden.
Adhesion of contaminants to the inside of heat exchanger tubes will not only cause a lowering in operating efficiency of production lines but also lead to shortening of the life of machinery.
In order to raise the productivity and operating efficiency while reducing costs and labor, please consider automating maintenance.

Adhesion of contaminants may stop production lines.

Adhesion of contaminants may stop production lines.

If contaminants adhere to the inside of the tubes of heat exchangers, steam condensers and other condensers, the operating efficiency of machinery will lower and the fuel consumption will increase, and also corrosion will occur in reaction to the components of thin tubes.
If it is left as-is, the tubes will be pitted before long. In that case, production lines should be stopped for repairs.

Stoppage of production lines and lower in working efficiency do great damage to manufacturers.
For avoiding such a situation, it is important to prevent the risk of deposit attack (local corrosion by adhesion of contaminants).
Our ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC” can prevent the adhesion of contaminants semipermanently by day-to-day tube cleaning.

When the amount of production increases is the very opportunity for installation.

In fact, the time when the amount of production increases is the perfect opportunity for installing “XAC.”
This is because not only is efficient operation required due to the increase in the usage of machinery but also the cost advantage by reducing variations in fuel consumption increases.

The longer the running time with increasing amount of production, the more easily contaminants adhere, resulting in mounting costs for brush cleaning and chemical cleaning.
However, such cleaning costs are no longer required by installing “XAC.”

Other effects – Installation example –

We have heard from many satisfied companies in which “WAC” has been actually installed.
Here we introduce an installation example.

General material manufacturer F – Cleanroom refrigerator –

In company F, “XAC” was installed for the turbo refrigerators of their cleanroom in August 2007.
In the target production line, multiple refrigerators (three 390RTs and three 500RTs) are in operation, and “XAC” is used for the three 390RTs.

As shown in the graph, the heat production has increased significantly, while the power consumption has hardly increased since 2007 when “XAC” was installed.
Assuming the same heat production as the year previous to installation, power costs could be deeply cut as much as 6,690,000 yen in efficiency for FY2007 compared with FY2006, and 9,230,000 yen in efficiency for FY2008 compared with FY2006.

Also since chemical cleaning that would be performed every three years before installation became unnecessary, cleaning costs were reduced as a whole.
Furthermore, the operating time of the refrigerators decreased significantly with improved efficiency, successfully having the effect of lowering the amounts of makeup water and water treatment chemicals used by six units in total by 26% (compared with the year previous to installation).

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