Frontier technology introduces the advantages and an example of installation of the automatic heat exchanger cleaning system.

Solutions for factories and chemical plants

Realization of an ecological and highly-efficient system

Realization of an ecological and highly-efficient system

In particular, manufacturing and processing factories and chemical plants use heat exchangers (coolers) for many facilities and equipment. Increasing efficiency by removing contaminants from the heat exchangers is advantageous from the viewpoints of improving productivity and reducing running costs, etc., and greater effects can be expected in larger-scale facilities. Would you like to realize an ecological and highly-efficient system with our ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC”?

Automatic cleaning can be performed without stopping production lines.

The operating efficiency of heat exchangers lowers dramatically with contaminants in tubes. For raising the operating efficiency, it is necessary to remove scale, slime, sludge, etc., but for cleaning, production lines must be stopped over a long period of time, which will lead to a decline in productivity. However, with the use of “XAC,” by which the inside of equipment can be automatically cleaned on a day-to-day basis, there is no need to perform extensive cleaning by stopping the lines purposely.

“XAC” is the perfect solution for chemical plants.

Actually, large-scale factories and chemical plants are just like clusters of heat exchangers. When observed finely, heat exchangers are used in a wide range of facilities, such as air-conditioners and refrigerators. That is why we recommend “XAC.” “XAC” has the following advantages in addition to not stopping production lines.

Other effects – Installation example –

We have heard from many satisfied companies in which “XAC” has been actually installed. Here we introduce an installation example.

Automobile assembly factory of Company N – Absorption type refrigerator –

In the automobile assembly factory of Company N, “XAC” was installed for the heat exchanger of the absorption type refrigerator in the coating line in August 2008.
Although they had performed brush and chemical tube cleaning periodically for a long time in a corporate culture of being active in energy conservation, they decided on installation with the intention of preventing contaminants from accumulating before the next maintenance by automatic cleaning.

Machine condition after installation of “XAC”

As can been seen from the photographs, the scale, which could not be removed by brush cleaning, was removed gradually in the machine with “XAC” installed.
At that point in time, automatic cleaning by “XAC” had been performed about 1,200 times. This means that sponge balls passed through each tube about 600 times.

Since there was a clear difference at the visual level between the machine with “XAC” and the machine without it, they decided to also install “XAC” on the machine without it after brush cleaning.
We are proceeding with verification together with the user because a big difference is presumed to occur in efficiency.

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