Frontier Technology introduces self-diagnosis related to the maintenance timing of heat exchangers.

Self-diagnosis for cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers

Be careful if applicable! – Self-diagnosis of heat exchangers –


On heat exchangers, which are also referred to as steam condensers or other condensers, or coolers, etc., if cleaning and maintenance are not performed, contaminants will adhere to the inside of equipment, and the operating efficiency will lower.
In fact, however, there seem to be many factories and companies continuing operation as is while concerned about the worsening of efficiency because they do not know about appropriate cleaning methods and maintenance timing.

Here, Frontier Technology provider of tube cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers, refrigerators, and water coolers/heaters introduces points to judge appropriate maintenance timing.

Timing – Take 30 seconds to make simple self-checks.

Equipment is getting dirty.

When contaminants, such as sludge and scale, accumulate even if only slightly, the operating efficiency of machinery lowers. Not only are running costs raised by increasing fuel consumption but also cooling work itself may be affected.

Corrosion is developing.

Depending on the components of adhering contaminants, ions are generated on thin tubes, bringing about a cell state, in which the thin tubes corrode easily. If this develops, the thin tubes will be pitted, and it is highly likely that repair and replacement costs and working time loss will arise.

Having trouble with rising electricity costs for heat exchangers.

With the adhesion of contaminants, even if only slightly, the operating efficiency lowers unexpectedly. If electricity and water consumption increase to compensate for it, costs are ever-increasing; therefore, early tube cleaning is needed.

When the previous cleaning was performed is not known.

If cleaning intervals are extended, the adhesion amount of contaminants will increase. However, if ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC” is installed, by which automatic cleaning is performed at each run-time, there is no need to determine the timing of cleaning. As a matter of course, no cleaning labor is required.

It is desired to keep maintenance costs low.

In order to maintain the operating efficiency at a high level, tube cleaning is necessary, but maintenance costs for brush and chemical cleaning is no small matter. If the number of times of cleaning increases, it can be said that there is a high possibility of occurrence of problems inside equipment.


If you are anxious about even one point, consult a professional!
Leaving contaminants on heat exchangers is not a good situation. Managers who are anxious about even one point out of the above self-checks should consult Frontier Technology.
Our ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC” can be customized according to the scale and shape of heat exchangers provided for turbo refrigerators, absorption type refrigerators, absorption type water coolers/heaters, etc.
We offer optimum proposals for cost reduction.

What is the ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC”?
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