Frontier Technology introduces the relationship between contaminants adhering to the inside of heat exchanger tubes and corrosion.

Concern about breakage of tubes with corrosion

Contaminants of tubes eroding machinery from inside

Contaminants of tubes eroding machinery from inside

As many people know, if contaminants adhere to the inside of a heat exchanger, heat exchanger tubes corrode from that part, resulting in breakage.
Corrosion of tubes is caused by the components of contaminants chemically reacting with the components of thin tubes, where ions are generated and an oxygen concentration cell is formed. Preventing the adhesion of contaminants not only reduces cleaning costs but also extends the life of machinery.

Conventional measures against corrosion have limitations.

Conventionally, anticorrosives would be used as a measure against corrosion caused by the adhesion of contaminants. However, it simply has the effect of retarding corrosion without preventing the adhesion of contaminants. In order to solve the problem of corrosion fundamentally, not retarding the adhesion of contaminants but preventing it is important.

Automatic cleaning reduces risks caused by contaminants.

If corrosion is expanded by leaving the contaminants adhering to the inside of heat exchangers provided for turbo refrigerators, absorption type refrigerators, absorption type water coolers/heaters, etc., such trouble would be caused that the tubes will be pitted before long, resulting in breakage.
As a result of breakage of the tubes, considerable expense for repair and replacement of machinery would be incurred.
In addition, there may be a possibility of totally stopping work during repair and part replacement.

However, day-to-day tube cleaning can be automated by installing our ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC.”
The adhesion of contaminants and the risk of corrosion caused by it can be reduced significantly.

Corrosion trouble

Places you should consider

Ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC” can be installed in various facilities.
The larger the scale of factories and facilities, the more easily they are influenced by rising fuel consumption and periodic cleaning costs with the adhesion of contaminants, while the more advantageous the installation of automatic cleaning becomes in terms of cost accordingly.

Facilities allowing installation
  • Manufacturing and processing factories
  • Commercial facilities
  • Cold storage warehouses
  • Chemical plants, etc.
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