Frontier Technology introduces the difference in cost burden between chemical cleaning and the ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system.

Other than chemical cleaning high in running costs

Do away with chemical cleaning to reduce running costs!

Chemical cleaning that is performed in the case of adhesion of contaminants, scale in particular, to the inside of heat exchangers, is expensive.
Furthermore, since brush cleaning is also indispensable every year, there may be many companies that experience the burden of running costs.
Frontier Technology’s ball type automatic heat exchanger cleaning system “XAC” can realize automation of maintenance as well as significant cost reduction.

Problem in conventional cleaning and solution

Conventionally, maintenance would be performed by brush cleaning periodically when contaminants accumulate while preventing corrosion, etc., caused by the adhesion of contaminants with water treatment chemicals. In addition, there would be a need for costly chemical cleaning of scale and other contaminants that cannot be removed with a brush once every five to ten years.

Reduction of running costs by automatic cleaning
Reduction of running costs by automatic cleaning

“XAC” is a maintenance tool to automate physical cleaning by passing sponge balls through the thin tubes of shell & tube type heat exchangers with use of cooling water flowing through equipment when machinery is in operation.
Due to automatic operation, there is no downtime for maintenance, and brush cleaning and chemical cleaning become unnecessary because contaminants do not accumulate.
Necessary running costs are just the small power for “XAC” and the replacement of sponge balls only.

Conventionally, maintenance would cost about 300,000 yen in brush cleaning every year and 2,000,000 yen in chemical cleaning that is performed every 5 to 10 years.
Although “XAC” has some initial cost when installed, you can save considerably on a long-term basis by before-and-after comparison because subsequent maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Running cost comparison over a five-year span shows an incredible difference!



Facilities allowing installation
  • Manufacturing and processing factories
  • Commercial facilities
  • Cold storage warehouses
  • Chemical plants, etc.
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